• Rob Lucker.jpg

    Rob Lücker /

    Where director Rob Lücker's fascination for film is coming from? Well, basically on obsessing over James Bond movies and Sergio Leone westerns, back in the days. Rob has a clear direction of dark comedy, a strong visual style and directed succesful commercials for brands including Delta Lloyd, de Bijenkorf and ING Nederland. Actually not only commercials, he also directed a succesful serie called Rundfunk. And to top it off: he won The Golden Calf for his short film Das Wad. 

    Rob Lücker's work
  • KrijnBW.jpg

    Krijn van Noordwijk /
    photographer / directing photographer

    Krijn van Noordwijk is best known for his portrait work, which combines classic aesthetics with a contemporary view on people and their emotions. Critics have compared his search for iconic imagery with the work of Annie Leibovitz and Carl Fischer. Krijn started out as a successful art director until he surprised the industry by leaving his own agency and becoming a photographer. A decision fittingly made overnight, he got his first assignment the first morning of his new career. Krijn now also works as a commercial director, and his SP film Home Care has earned him a Gouden Loekie for commercial of the year. 

    Krijn van Noordwijk's work
  • Nanno Jiskoot.jpg

    Nanno Jiskoot /

    Born in Malawi, moved back to the Netherlands as a toddler. From an early age he started making music and paintings, writing poems and stories. After his masters in Psychology, he dedicated himself to becoming a filmmaker. We're talking about award-winning director Nanno Jiskoot who's work is best described as authentic, captivating and vivacious. 
    As a film director, Nanno is leaving his artistic fingerprint on his projects, from conception to completion. He has a strong preference for films with an underlying message; a story that provokes emotions, because it is exactly emotion that reminds us that we're alive.
    "I love to bring people into another world or mindset. That's why I prefer to not make things too explicit, this will give people the space to get 'lost' in the story."
    Those who know Nanno also describe him as a loving and devoted father who's always showing a genuine interest in those around him. 

    Nanno Jiskoot's work
  • Lisette def web.jpg

    Lisette Donkersloot /

    The Amsterdam based director Lisette Donkersloot studied Lifestyle & Design at the Art Academy Rotterdam, but decided to become a filmmaker instead. Being an autodidact she taught herself the job and created her recognizable visual style along the way which can be best described as feminine, sensual, stylistic and with a touch of surrealism. She started off with making music videos for a friend all by herself which eventually led to projects for internationally acclaimed Dutch artists like Mr. Probz, Afrojack and Yellow Claw. Her graduation film How to Remove a Bloodstain was shown at the Dutch Film Festival 2015 in Utrecht. Beside shorts and music videos she's currently focusing on commercials. 

    Lisette Donkersloot's work
  • Paul Postma Web.jpg

    Paul Postma /
    motion design director

    Concept and content are central to Postma's work. Always looking at the bigger picture with a profound eye for detail. His career started in 1988 as co-founder (with Jacques Koeweiden) of the renowned and multiple award winning design company Koeweiden Postma. In 2004 Paul left Koeweiden Postma to start a new company; Postma / Graphics and Motion;  also becoming a successful and multiple award winning design agency specializing in motion design and film direction.
    In 2010 Postma | Graphics and Motion won an D&AD (London), a golden European Design Award, a Dutch Design Award and an ADCN Award for the film Stripes for Stamps. That same year his Big Bank Theory commercial won a European Design Award. 

    Paul Postma's work
  • jacobine klein(1).jpg

    Jacobine van Hellemond /

    After getting a degree in history at the University of Amsterdam, Jacobine studied photography and film at The Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. During her time at the academy she discovered that she had more interest in moving image and developed into a documentary director who loves to observe all types of human interaction.

    In her work you'll find a variety of the little intimate moments people share. She is always looking for moments when awkwardness or vulnerability makes people drop their mask and have a genuine and spontaneous reaction. She likes raw and poetic images close to real life. She is inspired by filmmakers Andrea Arnold, Xavier Dolan and Jacques Audiard and the images by photographers such as Nan Golding, Lise Sarfati and Rineke Dijkstra.

    Jacobine van Hellemond's work
  • Helvetica web resolutie.jpg

    Helvetica /

    Belgian directing duo Helvetica, better known as Hans Vercauter & Francois Mercier, had been working together for quite some time before deciding to join forces and focus on cinematic storytelling, back in 2013. This duo was born out of the urge to make defining cinematic work and similar to the font, this directing duo is pretty legendary.
    Hans & Francois love to collaborate, think and rethink a campaign from the earliest stages of the creative process. Focussing on poetic, human emotions told with a surreal twist, their firms feel classic and modern at the same time. 

    Helvetica's work
  • Victor Vroegindeweij web.jpg

    Victor Vroegindeweij /

    This dapper guy right here goes by the name of Victor 'Lion King' Vroegindeweij. He owes his middle name to the two Lions he took home this year, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 
    Victor is a curious observer who collects stories wherever he goes. His diverse array of documentaries and television productions covers subjects ranging from MMA fighters to superstar architects and from poets and faith-healers to giants and pornstars. 
    Not only is Victor an award winning directing professional, he's also a skilled interviewer and a fun bloke to be around. Speaking of fun, we've got a little fun fact for you: just as his name would suggest, he's an early riser. 

    Victor Vroegindeweij's work
  • Marije Kuiper.jpg

    Marije Kuiper /
    Photographer / directing photographer

    Even though photographer Marije Kuiper lives in Amsterdam and carries the city in her heart, by origin she's a farm girl with the countryside in her blood. Maybe that's where her easygoing attitude is coming from, which is an asset when putting her subjects at ease. 
    With her focus on detail, she highlights the uniqueness of each subject. Marije works internationally on commisioned as well as personal projects with clients such as Adidas, Reebok and Albert Heijn.

    Marije Kuiper's work
  • David-Jan Bronsgeest2.jpg

    David-Jan Bronsgeest /

    Director David-Jan Bronsgeest (1986) graduated from the Film Actors Academy Amsterdam in 2007, after which he studied Theatrical Performance at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts. This is where he discovered his love for directing. In 2011 David-Jan got into the Netherlands Film Academy's Directing Fiction programme with his Arabic-language short film Metis. The year after his documentary Her Cinema Love was screened at Hot Docs (Toronto), where it received a nomination for Best Short Documentary, and Visions du Réel (Nyon), where David-Jan was nominated as Best Newcomer. His third-year short at the Netherlands Film Academy, the romantic thriller Blindrunners (2014), was selected for Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Dutch VERS Awards, and the Canadian Festival International du Court-Métrage en Outaouais 2015. David-Jan interned at Talent United, where he studied the Dutch commercial cinema.

    David-Jan Bronsgeest's work
  • Tomas-Kaan.jpg

    Tomas Kaan /

    Tomas Kaan studied history in Amsterdam and Berlin before embarking upon filmmaking. His work is characterized by an outspoken visual style that walks the line between documentary and fiction. To him, filmmaking is a way to preserve the time we live in, not unlike the preservation of things in a laboratory. He has a soft spot for experimental films and his all time favourite book is J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. His films have been shown at film festivals all over the world and have won multiple awards.

    Tomas Kaan's work
  • Portret Bram.jpg

    Bram van Alphen /

    Bram is an Amsterdam-based director, working for global clients, like Grolsch, K-Swiss, A1 Telecom, Ikea and Kaufland. He graduated both the Ad-school and the Media Art Academy of Utrecht, creating a strong design background for his way of directing film. Bram's advertisement work is known for a cinematic approach of his observation on human life. His uncommissioned work combines a poetic realism with street-photography, which results in mini-documentaires like "The Cage" or "City of Amsterdam". Mood, emotion and hints of surrealism mixed with an underlying story are key to him... As well as his morning double-espresso's, but that's something else. 

    Bram van Alphen's work
  • Ahmet Polat.jpg

    Ahmet Polat /
    Photographer / Directing Photographer

    Ahmet Polat is a determined and passionate artist who searches for the essence of every story. 
    Working with photography and film for 20 years, he creates visual narratives with compassion. In every story he finds refreshing and new ways to present images within the digital or analog world. His integrity and love for his craft is what makes his work personal and moving: "I have come to understand that what is important in the arts is not what you can comprehend but what you can feel."
    This phenomenal photographer takes truly memorable photographs and takes and creates impressive transmedial projects, all combined in a remarkable track record.

    Ahmet Polat's work
  • Arjan Benning.jpg

    Arjan Benning /
    photographer / directing photographer

    It's difficult to categorise photographer Arjan Benning. His work is both subtle and striking and at times even crossing the boundary between photography and fine art. Arjan is a magician with light, with an impeccable understanding of texture and composition and a true master in elevating the mundane to the extraordinary. Would you agree?

    Arjan Benning's work
  • Tessa def web.jpg

    Tessa Louise Pope /

    Being the daughter of a psychologist and a filmmaker, Tessa found the ultimate combination in the profession of a documentary filmmaker. She studied Documentary Directing at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Her award-winning graduation project “The Origin of Trouble” is now travelling worldwide to various film festivals.
    Her analytical, psychological way of thinking helps her to portray her often-colorful characters. With her human approach she's able to capture honest, authentic stories that visualize the true inner beauty of her characters. Adding a touch of humor and being able to ask the right questions Tessa’s work is best described as sharing small stories in a big way. Besides developing new documentary film projects and series, Tessa is also working on branded content and commercials.

    Tessa Louise Pope's work
  • Jeroen Hofman 2.jpg

    Jeroen Hofman /

    Jeroen Hofman is known for his signature photographs where he, quite literally, distances himself from his subject(s) and works from atop a cherry picker. He also portrayed international stars like Rolling stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood and Boris Becker.

    Jeroen is leading a pretty bucket list oriented lifestyle and he has done things most of us only dream of. From photographing Kevin Richardson and his lions at the Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, to flying with a jet fighter in the Mojave Desert (California) for Heineken.

    Jeroen's photos have been published in magazines such as Esquire, Vogue Germany, Quote, Playboy and JFK magazine and have received numerous awards.

    Jeroen Hofman's work